Bispeparken 9, 2400 København
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7500 kr.
23000 kr. lån
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Cozy and homely room in Kbh-NV

I have 1 room for rent, 12m2, which is in 2 rooms apartment and I do live in the other room. There is: - a huge sofa, when unfolded gives you 2x2m double bed - build in closet - 2 big French windows - a desk, chair - coffee table - lamp I am renting my room in my home. It is a private agreement, and not as a citizen or whatever titel others use. The room is for 1 person only and as it is my home, I am not allowing visitors. Yeah, it sounds boring and strict, but I assure you, I am not either :-D :-D I just like privacy and calmness while at home. As I am very quiet and private, I expect that also from the other wo/man. General respect for the equipment and the apartment as whole, to be exact: prevent any damage.

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