Kvintus Allé, København
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5000 kr.
5000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.
3-12 måneder

Cool room nearby everything

Cozy, basic furnished room in a 64m2 apt. Oldfashioned but clean and wellworking Bathroom with shower and tub. Nice little kitchen with room to sit in the morning Sun. Two small balconies.The area/house is mostly quiet and we have a shared laundry in the basement. It is a cornerbuilding and we have a Baker and "Kiosk" on street-level. Across the street there is a park with sportsarea aswell as green relaxing/reading space. The Metro and town bus is within 300m, The beach and running area 500m. You reach downtown Copenhagen in 8 min with The Metro - opposite direction 10 min to Kastrup Airport. There is a bike for disposition. My daughter has left "the cage" so it is her room I am renting out. I will be going to Cyprus on and off in april-may due to a business project. I am a healthy and sporty middle aged man who enjoy Philosofical matters more than political. Environment, aesthetic, gastronomi(great fan of Italy), Koncerts, Art/Culture and longterm Sauna-coldwater member. I have a good soundsystem and will ocasionally play loud and clear. Just to make everything clear I am a single man, have been for 13 years. But respect, dignity and stamina is surrounding my home and person. Br Hans Christian

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