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Hey, we have a room vacant from April 1st/May 1st until around August/september in the Nordbro tower by Nørrebro. It is a big corner apartment with three bedrooms and one open living room with high-end kitchen and all imaginable amenities. The apartment is on the 22nd floor facing south-east, and the vacant room has an amazing panorama view of Copenhagen and on clear days you see all the way to Sweden and Øresundsbroen. The room has a French balcony which you can open and enjoy the panorama view. The room is empty when moving in. I (Ditte, danish) share one bedroom with my boyfriend (Jacob, swedish/polish) and we have one bedroom which we have made into an office. The rental is ideal if you work from home, because you can have a spot in the office as we have a long desk for four people. The rental includes access to the office, kitchen with dishwasher/fridge/freezer, living room with TV, bathroom with both tumbler and washing machine, and storage space for personal stuff. You also have access to a private indoor gym in the building and bike garage. If you have a car, you can rent a space for 700 DKK per month I believe. We are looking for someone who is tidy and appreciates keeping things in order and clean up after themselves ;-) The rental cost for the vacant room and access to all of the the above is 5000 DKK per month. 1 month deposit for the room (returned when moving out if the room is in the same condition as you moved in). Feel free to send me a private message if you’re interested and we can arrange a viewing for the room soon. Cheers, Ditte & Jacob

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