Bremensgade, København
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5900 kr.
8000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

One year lease in furnished room, in big bright appartment, close to the beach with two very nice and friendly roommate

I am renting my fully furnished room out for one year. You will be living in a very homey appartment with two very fun and friendly roommates, that will for sure make you feel at home. We have a big and very bright apartment with a big common area and a big balcony. The apartment is located 5 min. from the beach, 5 min. from the metro, and 15 min. from the city center. Feel free to write me about the room, both Danish and English speaking are welcome. LGBTQIA friendly. Easy accessible with lift in the building. We will have interviews as soon as possible.

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5000 kr./måned København

VÆRELSE PÅ NØRREBRO UDLEJES med indflytning d. 2/7

5400 kr./månedSvanevej 6A, 2400 København

Room available in shared flat in Nørrebo :)

5307 kr./månedVestre Teglgade 2, 2450 København

Roomie søges til 4-værelses lejlighed (Also in English)

4600 kr./månedStrandlodsvej 65C, 2300 København

Værelse udlejes til kr. 4.600 pr/mdr

5500 kr./månedGammel Køge Landevej 20K, 2500 København

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