Halmtorvet 12, 1700 København
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5000 kr.
30000 kr. lån
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Room in the centre of Copenhagen

Our current roommate is leaving and me and my other roommate (Max, 24 years old) are looking for a friendly person to take over the room and bring some good vibes with you! The room is 13m2 and situated on the quiet side of the street, facing the courtyard. We are both friendly clean guys who like to hang out in the apartment but also like to have our own time when we need to. Max is working at a school in the day and skating for the brand lakai in the evenings, and I am currently out looking for work in the UX/UI designer field, and enjoy playing the guitar and trying to keep as fit as possible in these crazy times. We are looking for some who fits the bill in regards to being clean and easy living, up for hanging out from time to time in a peaceful living situation! Please feel free to write me all about yourselves. The apartment is very big and spacious situated in the dead centre of Copenhagen, between central station and the meat packing district. If you want to know what its like to live in the middle of this beautiful city this is the place for you. We have a washing machine and dishwasher all included in the price of the room. We are looking for someone to move in the 1st of April, as the guy who was supposed to move in couldn't and left it a bit late so here we are. But we are happy to hear from everyone so please don't hesitate to contact me at '' and i'll get back to you!

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