Rævegade 9, 1315 København
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7000 kr.
19500 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Cosy room in beautiful inner-city military building apartment

Hello! We are Carolyne (28, English) and Sevda (32, Bulgarian). Our beloved roommate Ana is leaving our house share in pursuit of love overseas (good for her!) So, we are looking for someone to take over her furnished room in our beautiful apartment located in historic military buildings in the city centre. The apartment is located a couple of minutes walk from Nyhavn and Marmorkirken metro, and occupies the entire 1st floor. Super spacious, there is a separate dining room, living room and kitchen in addition to the two bedrooms and a “bigger-than-your-average” Copenhagen bathroom. In the attic is a generous storage area, and we enjoy access to a shared garden. The apartment is fully (and lovingly!) furnished- we have taken great lengths to make it a beautiful and comfortable space and would hope that any future housemates treat it with the respect and care that it deserves. A bit about us! Carolyne moved here 5 years ago, and works with tea and coffee at restaurant Noma- She has a pretty involved work schedule and is rarely home during the week. During the weekend you might find her heartily engaged with various home projects, whether that be cooking, rewiring a lamp, or refurbishing a piece of furniture. Sevda is obsessed with baking and also does it professionally - expect to play the part of guinea pig for her various experiments :). She is also a visual artist and a writer who spends a lot of time on her practice. If she abruptly leaves the room don’t worry! It’s nothing you’ve said. She’s probably just popped up to her little studio in the attic to chase a train of thought or an idea. We are a couple- Sevda moving here from Sofia in March put our long distance relationship to an end (thank god) - for us, home is the place we come to be creative, read books, cook for friends and care for plants. We are not the household that throws crazy parties and the ideal housemate is someone who understands and appreciates this. We are both people who live in a world of ideas, and love nothing more than sitting together over something delicious to talk about anything and everything - whilst our housemate is more than welcome to join us, we also know that people need their space sometimes, and that is perfectly fine. We love these opportunities to spend time together, but an important part of communal living for us is everybody having the space to do their own thing. Don’t say we didn’t warn you: we’re vegans (but don’t worry Sevda’s vegan cookies are every bit as delicious as their animal product counterparts). It's important to us that the living situation is enjoyable for all parties so we offer first a 3 month agreement, which can be extended if it makes sense for everyone :) The price for the room including all bills is 7000dkk per month. If this sounds like the living situation for you, drop us a message telling us a bit about yourself! We’re excited to meet you.

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