Otto Brandenburgs vej, København
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6000 kr.
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3-12 måneder

Roommate wanted for Sluseholmen

Dear future roommate, We have moved into a brand new apartment on Sluseholmen 1 March 2018. We are renting out one of the 3 bedrooms to a third person. Our current roommate is moving at the end of December, and so her room will be available from 1 January 2020. We are Kerstin (28, Dutch-Swedish) and Saskia (25, Danish-Dutch), both working fulltime. We speak English, Dutch, Danish, and Swedish (only K). Saskia is moving in with her boyfriend from 1 February 2020, so there will be a new roommate in her room soon as well. Initially we will hold on to the lease until late summer 2020, but there is a possibility for extension. The room is unfurnished, but has a built-in wardrobe with shelves and a window facing the canal / street-side. The rest of the apartment is fully furnished. We both love hosting dinners and having cozy nights. We also love to dance, but we prefer to party outside of the apartment, which also does not happen all too often. Of course guests can hang out and stay over, but we prefer to keep a calm home. We are looking for someone preferably towards the end of their education or working. The important part is that we get along, and have similar life styles (or at least ones that don't clash). A love for growing plants and/or CrossFit is a plus ;) Due to international family/friends, multi-day visits happen on occassion. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we look forward to meet any future roommate!

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