Tranevej 6, 2400 København
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6500 kr.
6500 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Roomie wanted for a shared flat in Nordvest from 1/7 - 31/12 - 6 months total.

My friend Tim and I is looking for a third roomie for our 4 bedroom apartment in Nordvest close to nørrebro station. The available room is around 14 m2. The monthly rent is 6.500kr including aconto, internet and electricity. The apartment has a big combined kitchen/living room area, a balcony, new bathroom and a shared roof top. In the attached photo, your room will be the first on the left when entering the apartment. You will be living with me and Tim; I’m from Denmark, 32 years old and working full time at a small NGO. In my spare time I like strolling around Nørrebro, having a beer with friends and family and enjoying the cultural opportunities Copenhagen has to offer. Tim is 29, English and works full time in a restaurant. When not out travelling he can usually be found drinking a beer with Daniel. We are both fairly social and enjoy hanging out in the apartment, shared meals, cigarettes on the balcony etc - but also both enjoy our space and would be looking for someone with a similar vibe. We are ideally looking for a roomie in their mid to late twenties. We like to see ourselves as pretty relaxed people so we don’t have too many demands, other than the obvious - tidying up after ourselves, not being too loud at disrespectful times, and generally just communicating with each other if we are annoyed about something. We’ve got a good group of friends living locally so there are other people in the apartment from time to time, and you would be welcome to have people over as well. If this sounds like something for you, send me a pm with a few words about yourself, so we can meet each other over a cup of coffee and see if it’s a match.

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