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6500 kr.
19500 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Amazing appartment in Østerbro

I'm not gonna lie to you.. this appartment is pretty epic.. Unfortunately, my awesome roomies will soon be departing this place for greener grasslands... so now the quest for their replacement begins! Hazar! Anyway, here are a few facts; * It's super close to the beach * Right across the street there's a supermarket * Metro station within 5 minutes walk * 3 god damn balconies... 3! * Central floor heating * 2 bathrooms * Elevator * Rooftop terrace .. I could continue, but I think you get the picture Now, check out the pictures! I'll probably be renting out 2 rooms, at 6500,- each, both of which have a nice view over a green yard, and both have direct access to each their balcony. IKR..

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4000 kr./månedVærnedamsvej 2, 1619 København

Room for rent for short period in October in the heart of Copenhagen

4500 kr./måned København

Værelse til leje

7000 kr./månedDagøgade 10, 2300 København

Rolig, empatisk og ikke-rygende kvindelig studerende søges

5000 kr./måned København

Roommate søges til rigtig dejligt 120kvm rækkehus i Brønshøj.

9000 kr./månedAnker Heegaards Gade, København

Room close to Glyptothek