Jagtvej, København
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13000 kr.
10000 kr. lån
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A beautiful, large and cozy apartment for rent from 1 July 2024

Hello everyone I have a large, nice and cozy apartment for rent from 1 July 2024. The apartment is located in the popular district of Nørrebro with lots of restaurants, cafes and shops. The apartment is very centrally located and is close to everything including the center of the city. From walking distance of the apartment there are buses, trains and metro. The apartment is large, nice and cozy and with high ceilings. The rental period is unlimited. If recommendations about the apartment and the landlord are desired, those interested in renting the apartment are welcome to have a conversation with the couple who live in the apartment now and who are about to move out in a weeks time. I prefer to rent the apartment to a couple. At the same time, everyone is welcome to write. In the apartment you get free wifi, laundry, electricity, water and gas. All the bills are included in the rent. The tennant does not pay more than the rent. Best wishes A.M.

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