Oksbølvej, Rødovre
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Bright room in shared house

Who wants to stay with me and my 3-yearold twins in a small house in Rødovre? We are looking for a new room mate because our current wonderful one is moving out. THE HOUSE AND ROOM The room is about 20 m2 with a landing at the top of the stairs. It is on the first floor and has a lot of light from three big windows. In the house there is also a living room, kitchen, laundry room, two bathrooms (only one where you can shower), a back yard and a lovely garden. You are welcome to use it all as long as you respect that it is a home lived in by children. ABOUT US I'm 33 years old, an anthrpologist and almost finished with a PhD dissertation. The kids are 3, go to kindergarden, like to sing and play with dinosaurs. On weekdays we are home in the afternoons, eat dinner at 17:30 and read bedtime stories at 19:00. On weekends, the kids are often with their grandparents so the house is more empty. ABOUT YOU You can be as old as you want, and you can be in whatever life situation. The important thing is that you find joy in staying in a home with kids including the routines that that involves. And it would be good if you plan to stay with us for long, preferably at least a year. Please write me a private message if you are interested. I promise to respond, even if it takes a few hours. All the best, Brigitte

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