Søborg Hovedgade, Søborg
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Room available in Søborg

Looking for a new roommate for a flat in Søborg. Your flat mates will be two female, 26 and 28 years old, professionals working in the Copenhagen area. Both are recently completed alumni of DTU who love to hang out in the city, binge watch Netflix series and cook together on occasion. Laura is from France. She is a master pasta enthusiast, so much so that it likely culminates 65% of her diet, and a collector of antique shot glasses. Pratikshya is from India. She is the owner of an impressive amount of spices and a lover of space organization. Video game enthusiasm is welcome, but not required, as I started them both down the rabbit hole but didn't get them all the way there. The overall area of the apartment is approximately 98m2. The apartment lies in a quiet, family oriented neighborhood with a Rema around the corner. Your room will be the smallest facing the balcony and the outer yard area depicted in the photographs. The room had a window above the door to the living room which has since been covered by my own personal cardboard collage. The room is furnished with a work desk, clothing rack for any extra coats, curtain rod and single bed/mattress with storage. The flat comes with a sizable balcony that you are free to use. A full kitchen is included, which includes 4 burners, a fridge that you will have your own personal section of and 1 of several cabinets which will also be yours exclusively. The living room is furnished with two couches, one of which doubles as a pull out mattress, a dining table for six and a medium size television perfect for streaming. A bicycle is also available for purchase at 400DKK.

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