Høje Gladsaxe, Søborg
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4000 kr.
8000 kr. lån
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Bright and spacious room

Søborg 2860 Bright and spacious room up for rent. You will receive the room in current condition (as photo) and leave in same condition. Feel free to paint or customize it, as long as it’s white when you move out. You’ll be living with me and my son 5years. He’s with me scheduled Wednesday/Thursday and every other Friday-Sunday. Although he’s here a little more often than that. Included in the rent is WiFi, Tv-signal (cables, connection etc at your cost), heat, electricity, water etc. Laundry and household stocks like dishwashing, cleaning utilities, toilet paper etc.. I’m not looking for any random tenant. I’m looking for someone who “interacts” with us, meaning that you have a sense of how to behave and act around us as family. You will be living very close to us, so it’s important to know how to balance your own and ours privacy and space.. I’m a divorced father so the time I have with my son is very priceless to me. We will be sharing common areas like kitchen/hall, toilet and bathroom. A few task will be following the room: 1: Help to keep common areas clean and tidy every day. We will help each other keeping clean. 2: Once a week your task will be head cleaning of common areas, washing the floor, and help keeping ovens etc clean. - once more a week another head cleaning will be done by third person. I encourage you to apply for the room no matter your sexual preferences and your racial heritage. Non smokers, easygoing, preferred. No crazy parties but of course visitors are allowed . I might seem strict but I’m not.. Most important is the given respect to our place as a family place and my son. If you don’t like kids this is not your place. We are kind and openminded. Due to previous circumstances unfortunately no registration of address possible. You can document your work status or studies.

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