Nyhavn, København
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7400 kr.
21000 kr. lån
Ledig pr.
1-2 år

The hyggeligste place in Kbh =)

I am a 29-years old girl from Argentina, have spent a semester studying in Copenhagen in 2016 which brought me back to work - now working in the amazing offshore wind industry =) After a long and hard search, I found the best place I have ever lived in so far with 3 rooms - I found 2 amazing roommates which who I moved in back in 2016, but unfortunately one is leaving now --> so now it's YOUR turn! =) We are both non-smokers, finnish/argentinean - very clean and tidy and can bear parties every once in a while - but rather the cooking, watching films, series and doing sport-healthy-lifestyle =) We are both very responsible regarding apartment issues, and treat the place better as if we own it - this is a MUST :) The apartment is almost 200m2, situated just one block from Nyhavn and the bridge to Streetfood market :) - YES, it IS THERE ;) The room we are renting is approx. 20m2, UNFURNISHED, and the apartment has a huge living-room, a bathroom with own washing machine and drier, a guest-toilette (yes, 2 toilettes ;) ), kitchen with dish washing machine, guest room and a storage room. The room has a wall made up of wardrobes, since it is in the access to kitchen and toilette (but it's only one of us who uses that access). We have the contract until October 2019 (with high chances of extension), and the deposit is 3 months rent - Total monthly rent is 7.400 DKK plus electricity (which is around 400 DKK once every three months). Our ideal candidate would be a flexible girl, preferably with a stable job and long-term staying. Moving date should be 15th of December and some of the furniture can be bought from the current roomie :) There is a second choice that we can rent the room for a short period: from 15th Dec until 1st Jan or either 1st Feb (to be discussed). :) We are really looking forward to meet you, and you are welcome to visit us and drop by ;) Tusind tak!

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