Damhusvej 52, 5000 Odense
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Bright room in the center of Odense

I am a 20-year-old Polish student living in Odense. I am studying IT-Technology. I have been living in Denmark for over a year now. Currently, I am seeking a new roomie to live with me:). I am a clean and organized person. The level of my danish is quite alright, I would say it is okay for around one ad a half years of living in here, still learning it! I am an open-minded person and easy to get along with, seriously! And, of course, I like to socialize, but I also respect others privacy, and I like my privacy to be respected as well :). The level of my danish is quite alright, I would say it is okay for around one and a half years of living here, still learning it! The room itself is really bright and spacious. We are going to share both the kitchen, bathroom and households, so we keep the place clean :) You will be living in the centre of Odense, a 5-minute bike ride from the central station, 8 minutes on the bike from downtown. There are groceries nearby- Fakta, Aldi, Rema 1000, Kvickly. All in the distance of ca. 7-10 minute walk. I would like you to move in as soon as possible, starting 1st of June Feel free to ask questions; I will happily answer them!

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3250 kr./månedKillerupgade 16n, 5220 Odense

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Roomie søges til hyggelig 110 kvm^2 lejlighed i Østerlunden fra d. 1/7/2021.

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