Ejlskovsgade 15, 5000 Odense
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3500 kr.
15400 kr. lån
Ledig pr.

Looking for a great roomie

I want to share my awesome home with a great roomie. Available from: As soon as you can. Rent after expenses and boligstøtte (housing benefits) is 3500. The deposit is 15400. We will share a 3 room apartment of 53 square metres and you will have your own room of about 10 square metres unfurnished. It is newly build so the space is used optimally and feels much bigger than other apartments of the same size. Nothing is written in stone so contact me and we'll talk about it. Me? I recently graduated as a journalist. I like to write stuff, drink coffee and talk about stuff, play board games and go out and do stuff, do dinner parties and cook gourmet stuff and as a consequence have to lift stuff in the gym. I am not stuffy. I am pretty much your energetic, flamboyant, creative, sparkling personality. I am at a point in my life where I am happy and I like to think that that rubs off on the people I’m around. You? My ideal roommate is independent, open, good company, has hers/his life in order and has some experience living with other people. I love quirky and unique personalities so come as you are. I am happy to share a food budget with you. In return I will do my best you will dine like a Viking king and probably save some money on it. When you live with me, in general, what is mine is yours to use. Don’t steal my shampoo though! I'm also very adaptive to what level of privacy you need. Includes: Washing machine. Dishwasher. Big fridge. Big freezer. Modern kitchen with all the kitchen tools you need plus oven and induction stove. Floor heating throughout the apartment. Sound isolated. Balcony for good summer times. Big elevator. There is no storage room though. Nearby: 1 minute to street food hub, Storms Pakhus. 1 minute to nearest gym. 3 minutes to Odense Banegård. 5 minutes to the huge gym, Ground. 10 minutes to nearest supermarkets. 10 minutes to the harbour and pool area. 15 minutes to main shopping street Kongensgade. 15 minutes to party street Vintapperstræde.

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