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Room in shared apartment for 3

Hi, I'm moving out and therefore there will be soon an empty room is this lovely place: - Location: Chr Sonnes Vej, Odense M (almost C), 10 min bike ride downtown, 5 min to stores like Fakta, Aldi or Netto. 10 min to Rosengard center. 15 min to SDU. - Roomies: shared with another two international students. - House: 3 rooms (one for each), bathroom, kitchen and a living room downstairs. Big garden, ideal for the summer season. See pics. - Room: 5x4 approx. - Move in date: from 10th of October asap. - Monthly rent: around 3100 dkk (Internet included) + 100-150dkk/month electricity (depending on consumption and paid every 3 months) Note: furniture can go or stay for an agreed price.

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