Munkerisvej, Odense
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Hello to the millennials out there (preferably somewhere around Odense)! You have probably heard of this awesome house of internationals in Odense that is throwing the best parties and that everyone can’t stop talking about. So one of our greatly loved flatmates, Carlos, is moving out and we (Bjørn, Amanda and Ashish) are in a position to welcome a new family member to the Munkerisvej gang! *** Let's meet the gang! Bjørn, 25 y/o, is from Denmark, is a known, credited, stone-cold ghetto philosopher who loves nutrition, a vegetable enthusiast and the garden taker of the house. Amanda, 26 y/o from Denmark, is a full of life, socially vibrant person, currently helping people become healthier at the hospital. Her jolly attitude keeps the spirits of the house high always. Ashish, 29 y/o from India, is a calm and collected guy who loves having meaningful conversations and is super passionate about sustainability. He works as an Industrial PhD and takes initiatives for the house. *** We have the luxurious master bedroom available for you that comes with an AWESOME BALCONY and a wall of built-in closets. A garden included plus basically anything you can think of. 10 min bike to SDU in one direction and the same to the city centre in the other. The rent is around 4400 DKK and the deposit is 9300 along with 2 months pre-paid rent. Moving in date is 1st of August, 2020. *** If you are an open-minded (like a lot) and a tidy person looking for a place to live, WRITE TO US. If you are ready to share an occasional delicious common dinner, but also to take your part of the responsibility for keeping our amazing common space just as neat and cosy, WRITE TO US. And finally, if you are ready to get smashed on one of our house-parties and then share that bonding-time of hangover sofa-pizza-Netflix combo the day after, right before we make the house look habitable again, WRITE TO US. *** Disclaimer: if you contact us, we want to know more than just your name, so get those creative juices flowing and help us know you at least a little before we let the house meet you and make the final decision. *** Socially acceptable virus-safe hugs from all of us! Write us an e-mail on

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